is ePayGov’s management consulting division based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Our aim is to deliver innovative solutions to the public sector leveraging subject matter experts’ and best practice methodologies to meet local, state, and federal governments’ most demanding business and operational requirements. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the professionalism of our advisors.

Operational Health Assessment

Benchmarks and tracks the operational functions that influence organizational performance. It provides a simple yet powerful strategic road-map for leaders and managers to improve operational health.

Business Process Re-engineering

Documents as-is business processes and stakeholders to achieve a deep understanding for the how and why processes are conducted. Further analysis determines slack areas that can be improved to increase process value creation.

Project Management

Establishes program and project management best practices within the organization to reduce inefficiencies stemming from management misalignments and resource misallocations among other reasons.

Strategic Planning

Provides long-term vision and goals accompanied with the tactical steps required to achieve them. Plans are codified and based on assessments and interviews with leadership, staff, customers, and other relevant stakeholders.

Governance Policies & Procedures

Codifying and properly communicating enterprise governance, policies and procedures to staff provides them the tools and direction required achieve the organization’s long-term vision.

Competency model assessments

Determine the minimum level skillsets required to successfully perform a defined role. Competency models can support our development of long-term employee career paths to support employee well-being and retention.

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