ePayGov.com ®

ePayGov.com ® is a proprietary web-based multi-user, multi-location turn key payment solution. Our system provides your residents the ability to pay for their taxes, pet licenses, water/sewer, parking tickets, parks and recreation, fees online and at your office. Our system will provide you with real-time, 24/7 access to customized reporting and audit trails. ePayGov.com® system will help you cut costs, increase productivity, eliminate manual data entry and excessive bank and credit card fees while improving customer service.

ePayGov.com ® is now serving more than 8 million residents in 103 counties and municipalities.

Your security and your residents' security are our top priority. Our system is PCI DSS Compliant using 384 Bit SSL with RSA 4096 Bit Extended Validation (The Green Bar) and Daily and Monthly Audit Scanning instead of the required Quarterly Audit Scanning.
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Robust Fast Dependable

Our system is being used at 411 locations by 942 county and local municipalities' office staff and outside agents.

True Web Based Cloud System

100% managed and secured cloud system. ZERO IT resources. Patches and backups are performed in the background with NO downtime.

Ample Customizations

No cookie cutters! Customized to your office needs. Multiple annual updates and upgrades at NO cost to your office. "Live and Test Mode" which gives you the ability to train your staff and outside agents while processing live transactions with no downtime.

PCI DSS Compliant

We are 100% compliant with all Credit Card Industry security standards. We even go above and beyond with "Daily Scanning Audit" instead of the required "Quarterly Scanning Audit."

Increase Compliance & Sales

ePetLicensing.com is a "State of the Art" pet tracking database system that will help your office reduce cost, increase sales and eliminate Temp hiring. Animal Officers, Police Officers and 911 centers have online access 24/7/365

Dedicated Support

Unlimited phone and email support to your office staff during office hours as well as your online customers from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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